Comment by: JIll DiMassimo
Found you on Pinterest and came over to look around. Beautiful work. Very inspiring.

Comment by: Mary Heinz
We have one of Brad's earlier pieces (I think. Bought in Maui many years ago. Crows.) I Love it and never get tired of it.
Comment by: Stephanie Flis
Hi I found through pintrest. I really like all your work.
Comment by: Amy Floyd
Thank you for blowing my mind. Your vision is honest and original.
Comment by: Jim Growney
I especially like your abstract work. Great use of transparent color and good structure. I like abstract paintings that make you think you're looking at something real, which are really looking into the artist's imagination. Hope to get the Maui soon for a firsthand look.
Comment by: Rob
Brad, We'll look forward to seeing some of your work during our annual trek to Maui and Paia. A friend suggested checking out your work.
Comment by: Bill Soderberg
I really like your work. I am in the Seattle area and interested in any up coming shows or pricing for some of your larger work.
Comment by: renata ARAUJO
fabuloso artista , fiquei impressionada com seu trabalho!
Comment by: Peggy Lavelle
Brad I so love your work - it truly inspires me. It makes me feel alive and excited. I very much enjoyed you & studio during open studios and just look forward to enjoying more and more of your art. Thanks for sharing all you do.
Comment by: Rose Woodfinch
Your work is inspiring! I got lost in your world just perusing each piece... the use of color and depth, the whimsical sometimes serious spirituality of the narratives within are just enchanting. Thank you! BTW, The colors you achieve are yummy, I'm just curious about what kind of paints you are using, are they simply acrylic?
Comment by: Josh
Hey Brad, Love your work! We were in Maui a few months ago and took home "Translucent Beauty". We love it! Thank you so much for your work and creativity.
Comment by: Liz Brummette
Hi Brad, I am an old friend from years past. Anyway I happened to stumble across your site and thought I would say hello! I was so excited to see your work, I really love it! You are still as talented as ever! Sincerely, Liz
Comment by: annmarie o'dowd
Hi brad ,love the new figures, I bought a couple of prints when on vacation in maui.I am soo happy i did, still love em! Ann Marie O'Dowd
Comment by: tom ye Stacy
Your stroke is improving daily
Comment by: Karen Young
Thank you Brad for a wonderful visit to your studio. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!
Comment by: Cynthia Vana
Wow! Brad. Nice work. Beautiful is a better description. Glad I got to see it.
Comment by: Rachel Adams
I have two of your pieces and love them soooo much. We purchased the two while getting married on Maui. Honestly if I could have all of your work I would. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
Comment by: Jill Andre
Hi Brad, I happened to see you and your work at the PAIA gallery. (I wore a big white hat and had my little boy with me) As a fellow artist, I was thrilled with the quality of your pieces. And relieved to see images that are influenced by tropical beauty, but miles away from cliche. I look forward to seeing your work evolve. Cheers, jill
Comment by: Caleb Coppock
Hey Brad, It was really refreshing to meet you and talk about your work. I really like the layering, the cutting in and out of colors and patterns. Great use of smears, scrapes, gestured lines, and strong compositions. Do you ever open your place for studio visits? If so, I'd love to before I take off on Wednesday
Comment by: Steve Murray
I have two of Brad's art works hanging proudly in my home. This man is doing great work and I only expect greater things from him in the future.

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